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i think it will come down to the turnout. there is a strong correlation between the presidential race and the senate race. i think a lot will go very closely aligned and how virginia comes out. because we feel very good about governor romney's prospects, we also feel pretty good about george allen's prospects. >> harry reid said it was a fantasy to think the democrats would work with iran if he is elected. if there romney is elected, do you think democrats will work with a romney administration? if the president is reelected, will there be a more bipartisan. ? spirit? >> however this comes out i hope we can get on with governing the country in doing the nation's business. we have some really big challenges.
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i do not think this is helpful or construction are what the american people want to hear. i do think if governor romney is elected president and the democrats were to hang onto the senate, that creates a dynamic that we're going to have to navigate to try to get some things done for the best interests of the american people. my hope is that both people would recognize that the challenges we face are big enough that we cannot afford to get bogged down. we need to give the president an opportunity to try a different direction. what we have been doing has not worked. if you look at all the indicators it has been lower take-home pay. we have a direction in play. this will hopefully get the president's on a better track.
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>> what is your schedule for the next 48 hours? >> the group i am in with iowa. they continue up to wisconsin. i have had to tell often go back to south dakota. we did peel off and go to south dakota. it is make or break time. >> thank you very much for being with us here. >> thank you. it is good to be with you. >> what are you looking for tuesday?
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what are you keeping an eye on? >> everyone in journalism is looking at ohio. just like the candidates are examining ohio very closely. we're also looking very carefully at virginia in colorado. we did talk about virginia. trying to figure out these very close state. iowa was a state we have been watching. ohio looks like it is going more gracefully toward president obama. we will see that holds up by election night. then all those building blocks are to build after that. we are doing the same sort of examination that everybody is doing. >> 1 poll shows this dead heat. democrats are saying the republicans are chasing fulls gold. >> you have to wonder if it is a little too late there is definitely a hurricane santeedy
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element to all of this. that could definitely be something that even though you do not want to politicize a disaster, you could be looking at a lot of democratic voters are not coming to the polls because they cannot are they have other things going on. that is not a factor. it seems to indicate that the democrats still have an advantage here. the republicans think that this is a state where they have the money to invest there. they are investing the money because why not do it at this stage in the game at the polls are closing down so much? >> you've been focusing on the incredible shrinking number of battleground states. there are 10 battleground state. it is essentially coming down to three or four. since the convention, both campaigns have only travel to pure than one dozen states on the campaign trail. >> -- have only travel to more
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than one dozen states on the campaign trail. >> this will be a chance to be in florida. he was in virginia last night. he will keep coming back to the midwestern firewall we have talked about a lot. the math has suddenly shot down to the states they're both competing in. it has been amazing to watch them debt in and get out within hours of each other. and sending all their surrogates to the same place. voters are all too easy to have an election day concluded in those states. >> what are you looking for on election night? >> ls is mentioned new hampshire. -- alexis mentioned new hampshire.
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people are so independently minded. it all the other states that all the math works out or this is a close battle, a new hampshire could come into play. keep your eye on the state. people have a way of shocking you in going against the polls. >> david work is available online at the lexus at >> you can see this later today at 6:00 p.m. eastern, 3 pacific. >> why would the john wilkes booth team want to assassinate william henry seward? >> this is been the subject of some debate. something that boost realized in
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the event of the debt of both the president and the president's and the vice president's was tasked with organizing that election. i do not think so. he was not a lawyer. he was an actor. a shakespearean actor hugh new the play julius caesar back words and forward. he views himself as brooches, doing the right thing for rome. he viewed seward as a little like mark antony. he wanted to make sure that the tyrant was eliminated as well. what's more about the team of arrivals with walter stahr tonight at 8:00. >> it the price of peace in washington is cutting a deal
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that six students of the financial aid or gets rid of funding for planned parenthood are let's insurance companies discriminates against those with pre-existing conditions, i am not going to make that deal. i will fight against that deal. that is a price and not willing to pay. that is not bipartisanship. that is surrendered to the status quo that has heard too many families. >> is in the power of the american people to choose their own future. we know what we need to know. you can stay on the path of the last four years where you can change. -- last four years or you can make real change. the president will still be unable to work with the people in congress. he has ignored them. he has attacked them. the debt ceiling will come up again and shutdown and default will be threatened. the president was right when he
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said he cannot and washington from the inside. at this case you can take him at his word and we will put him outside sing. >> victory in concession speeches from key congressional and senate seats around the country. plus your reaction. look for live coverage beginning at 8:00 eastern. >> this was their final campaign stop yesterday that the in the theater. this is about half an hour. ♪ ♪ >> i was born free i was born free i was born free born free free ♪
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[applause] >> thank you, colorado. wow. thank you. i'd like to introduce someone to you.
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i'd like to introduce the next first lady of the united states, ann romney. [applause] >> that is the most extraordinary welcome. thank you, colorado. we are getting closer and closer. this is getting very exciting. this is what -- >> three more days! three more days! three more days! >> it is. it's only three more days. this is so exciting for us. it is a thrill to be here.
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what a great country this is and what an honor it has been to go across this nation and to meet people like you that are here standing up today for america. [applause] >> three more days! three more days! >> you got her. you got her. >> we have such -- had a such a thrill to go across this country but that journey is coming to a close and a new journey is about to begin. and what a thrill it is going to be because i know something about mitt. he does not fail. in our marriage, he has stood by me in my darkest hour. as you know, i have had some difficulties. and where has mitt been? standing by my side.
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as a father, i have seen him show exemplary courage and devotion to his family and to this sons. he has raised the most extraordinary sons. i have seen him in business be everything, the most exceptional business leader and turn things around, and now what i am excited about is the next turn around in his chapter of his career. and it is going to start next tuesday with your help. thank you very much.
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>> tonight, we are entering the final weekend of the campaign and you are right -- at the obama rally, they are shouting four more years and we are shouting three more days. we are so grateful to you and to the people across the country for all you have given of yourselves to this campaign. this is not just about paul ryan and me. it is about america. it is about the future we will leave our children. we thank you and we ask you to stay at it until we win on tuesday night. now, the closing hours of a campaign have a dynamic all
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their own. many voters have already made up their minds. i figure you guys are. you know what you are going to do. there are others who are putting aside the demands of daily living and they are considering who to vote for and how that vote will affect their lives and the lives of their children and the course of the country we love. and we ask them to look beyond the speeches and the attacks and the ads. look to the records, the cosmos, the failures, and the judgments, -- the accomplishments -- because words are cheap. the record is real and it is earned with effort. change can't be measured in speeches. it is measured in achievements. and four years ago, candidate obama promised to do so very much.
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but he has fallen so very short. i mean, he promised he would be a post-partisan president. but he has been most partisan. dividing, attacking, blaming. he was going to focus on creating jobs. instead he focused on creating a obama-care to kill jobs. he said he was going to cut the federal deficit in half but then he doubled that. then he said he would bring the unemployment rate down to 5.2% by now. we learned on friday it is 7.9%. it is 9 million jobs short of what he promised. and unemployment today is higher than when barack obama took office. by the way, he also promised he would propose a plan by now to save social security and medicare. he did not. rather, he raided $716 billion from the medicare to pay for
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obama-care. the list goes on. he said he would a lower health premiums by $2,000 a family. but instead they have gone up by $3,000 per family. the average american family pays $2,000 a year more for gasoline than when president obama was elected. i will mention one more thing. he said he would work across the aisle on the most important issues. this is interesting. he has not met on the economy or on the budget or on jobs with the republican leader of the house or the senate since july. and so, instead of bridging the divide, he is making it wider. people wonder how is that he has
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fallen so short of what he promised. i think it is in part because he has never led, he has never worked across the aisle, he has never truly understood how jobs are created in this economy. by the way, he is making new promises. promises he will not be able to keep because he admits he is planning on staying on the same path. the same course we have been on will not lead to a better destination. the same path we are on means $20 trillion in debt at the end of a second term that we will not have. it means crippling unemployment. it means stagnant take-home pay, depressed home values, a devastated military. unless we change course, we may be looking at another recession. so the question of this election comes down to this -- do you want more of the same or do you want real change? president obama promised change but he could not deliver change. i promise change and i have a
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record of achieving real change. i built a business, helped turn around another. i helped put an olympics back on track. and with a democrat legislature, i helped turn my state from deficit to surplus and from job losses to job growth and from higher taxes to higher take-home pay. this is why i'm running for president. i know how to change the course of the nation. i know how to get to a balanced budget that build the jobs and to get a rise in take-home pay. accomplishing change is not something i talk about it is something i have done.
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and it is what i will do when i am president of the united states with your help. now, if you believe we can do better, if you believe america should be on a better course, if you are tired of being tired, then i ask you to vote for real change. paul ryan and i will bring real change to america from day one. when i'm elected the economy and american jobs will be stagnant, but i will not waste any time complaining about my predecessor. i won't spend my time trying to pass partisan legislation that is unrelated to jobs. from day one i am going to work
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to put americans back to work. now, you know as well as i do that people across the country are responding to our five point plan to create jobs. part one is about taking full advantage of our energy resources. on day one, i'm going to increase the number of leases and permits to drill on federal land. and i will act to speed the approval of the keystone pipeline from canada. now, secondly, i will boost trade, with latin america. and i will finally designate china as a currency manipulator because it is time to trade -- for america.
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now, third, i want to send to congress the retraining and reform act to make sure every worker has the skills they need for a good-paying job. fourth, i will move to tackle out of control spending. i will send congress the first of several fundamental reforms called the down payment of fiscal sanity act. and in this act, we will not just slow down the rate of government and its spending but i will cut spending. you see, i'm not going to just take office on january 20. i will take responsibility as well. number five, i am going to act to boost small business and all business.
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i will issue executive orders aimed at the problems that are holding back the economy. in the first of those is going to grant state waivers from obama-care to begin its repeal. and the second is going to launch a review of all of the obama regulations and i will eliminate or repair those that are killing american jobs. and for the first time in four years, every entrepreneur, every small business person, every job creator will know that the president of the united states likes them and loves the jobs and higher wages they bring to america. we've almost forgotten what a
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real recovery looks like. what americans can achieve when we limit government instead of limiting the dreams of our fellow americans. and that is about to change. now, the people who will be voting will be able to choose the future they want. you can stay on the path of the last four years or you can choose a real change. you know if the president is reelected, he will still be unable to work with people in congress. he has ignored them. he has blamed them and attacked them. the debt ceiling is going to come up again and shut down and the fault will be threatened. the president was right when he
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said he cannot change washington from the inside. in this case, we can take him at his word. you see, when i'm elected -- when i am elected -- i'm going to work with republicans and democrats in congress. i am going to meet regularly with their leaders and endeavor to find good men and women on both sides of the aisle who care more about the country than they do about politics. now, you also know that if the president were to be reelected, he will continue his war on coal and oil and natural gas. all of that would guarantee higher energy prices and fewer jobs as well. when i am elected, we will change course on energy. i know how much energy means to
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middle-class families struggling to get by. we can hold down prices at the pump and grow new jobs with energy that includes coal, oil, gas, nuclear, and renewables. you know, that if the president were to be reelected, he would continue to promote government and demote business. he chose his own jobs counsel, you know. it was made up of leaders from business leaders across the country. he wanted their advice on the biggest issue of the time -- creating jobs and a stronger economy. the you know how long it has been since he met with them? nine months. look, i see free enterprise as a means for people to fulfill their dreams. and so, by the way, the other day, i was in richmond, virginia and i met with someone named rhonda elliott. she has been running her family
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restaurant business -- bill's barbecue. at its high point, it employed 200 people. she closed it down. she told me the obama economy put her out of business. she teared up. this was not about money. this is about the future of her family and the employees she cares about. i want to help the hundreds of thousands of people like rhoda and i will. now, you know that if the president were to be reelected, he will say every good thing he can about education, but in the final analysis, he will do what his largest campaign contributors do and that is public sector unions. they will insist upon their
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path. your kids would have the same schools with the same results. when i am president, i am going to be a voice for the children and parents because they do not have a union. i want to make sure the parents have the information they need to know to find out whether their school is succeeding or failing. and i want to make sure they have the choice to pick the school where their child has the best chance for success. one more thing. under barack obama, or reelected president barack obama, our military will experience what the secretary of defense called devastating cuts
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which would jeopardize our national security as well as kill jobs. not i'm president, i will cut our commitment to national defense. a strong america is the best ally pea's has ever known and i am keeping strong -- peace has ever known and i am keeping strong. i've watched as our campaign has gathered the strength of the movement. it is not only the size of the crowds. this is an extraordinary crowd tonight. it's also the depth of our shared vision. it has made me strive more to be worthy of your support, to campaign as i would govern, to speak for the aspirations of all americans. i learned as governor of massachusetts the best achievements are shared achievements. i learned to respect and good will go a long way and are
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usually returned in kind. that is how i conduct myself as president. i will bring people together, doing big things for the common good. i will not just represent one party. i will represent one nation. >> u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! as you know, throughout this campaign, president obama has tried to convince you these last four years have been a success. he is floating a plan for the next four years. you want to take all the things he did in his first term, the stimulus, the borrowing, obamacare, and all the rest, and try them all over again. but look, our big dreams will
11:01 am
not be satisfied with a small agenda that has already failed. and yesterday, i imagine you already heard this, yesterday, president obama already asked this -- asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge. instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. [applause] together, we have got to lead america to a better place. we are three days away from a fresh start. three days away from the first day of a new beginning. my condition is based on unshakable faith in the american spirit. does anyone worry the last four years are the best we can do? if there is anyone who fears the
11:02 am
american dream is fading away, if there is anyone who wonders of better jobs and their paychecks are things of the past, i have a clear and unequivocal message -- with the right leadership, america is about to be -- america is about to come roaring back. [applause] we are americans and we can do anything. the only thing that stands between us and some of the best years we have never known his lack of leadership. and that is why we have elections. you saw the differences between president obama and myself waterside by side in our debates. he says it has to be this way. i say it can't stay this way.
11:03 am
he's offering excuses. i've got a plan. wait to get going. he is hoping we will settle, but americans don't settle. we build, we aspire, we listen to that voice inside that says we can do better, a better job, better life for our kids, a bigger, better country. it is coming soon. [applause] 3 more days and we can get to work rebuilding our country and restoring our confidence and renewing our conviction. confidence are on a solid pass to steady improvement. confident that college graduates for years from now will find a better job. [applause] confidence that the single moms
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who are working two jobs will have a shot at a better job as well. my confidence in america and in our future stems from what i have seen in the hearts of the american people. we are a people given it to giving ourselves to things larger than ourselves. a hero is not someone who is larger than life, just larger than himself. some years ago, i was serving as a boy scout leader in the boy scouts of america. [applause] i was at a court of honor, or the boy scouts get the eagle scout award or other awards and was a long table at the front of the room and i was sitting at the far end of it next to an american flag. the spurt in peace -- the person speaking at a podium was a scout master. he said his boy scout troop wanted to have a very special
11:05 am
american flag, about one and had it flown above the capitol building. when i came home, the boys said i would like to have nasa take it up in the space shuttle. said a contacted nasa and nasa agreed. he said you could imagine the pride of our boys as they were sitting in their rooms at school watching the tv set as they saw the space challenger shuttle lot -- launch into the air and then sought explode on the tv screen in front of the rise. he said he called nasa a couple of weeks later and said he found any remnant of our flag and they had not. he called every week, week after week, month after month. still no remnant of the flag from a terrible disaster. then he said he was reading an article in the paper that describes some of the debris from the challenger disaster and mentioned a flag. he called nasa again and they said we had a presentation to make to your boys. nasa came and the boys were there and they presented the
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boys with the plastic container. they opened it up and inside was the american flag in perfect condition. [applause] then he said that sit at the end of the table near mr. romney. i reached over and i grabbed that flag and held out and it was as if the electricity was running through my arm because i thought about all the men and women in our space program who put themselves in dangerous path out of a desire for learning and knowledge. this is the american way. think of all our servicemen and women who put themselves in harm's way. [applause] i have not seen that flag in 15 or 20 years and that scoutmaster, but would you please unwelcome that
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scoutmaster from monument colorado and that flag. [applause] thank you. did i get that story right. >> you did, sir. >> that is a great flag, representing the greatest nation in the history of the earth. [applause] thank you. thank you. thank you. isn't that something? i see a troupe of scouts right
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here. thank you for your service in the community. it is in the american spirit, this idea of a given -- giving to others. some in extraordinary and remarkable ways. some in extraordinary ways in their own home. my sister is in her '70's now has eight children. seven of them are raised with children of their own. the youngest was born with down syndrome and is 43. one of them was as a single mom. her husband has passed away and she divorce -- sheet devoted her life to jeffrey and making sure he has a full and abundant life. she is a hero to me. [applause] think of all the single moms. i think of all the single moms struggling to make sure they have what is necessary to put a
11:09 am
good meal on the table at the end of the day and all the moms and dads who are working two jobs or one working night shifts and the other working a day shift. they hardly see each other but they want to make sure their kids have the kind of clothes and other kids have a school so they don't stand out. think of the couples who will sale of stock exchange gives with one another, let's make sure we have enough for kids to have a great christmas. this is a nation who gives things bigger than themselves. i want us to come together to draw that greatness. on november 7, we will go to work. i want you to reach across the street to that neighbor on the other side of the street that has a yard sign for the other guy. i want you to know i will reach across the aisle to people of good faith in the other party. we have to come together and
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work for the common good of the nation. this is much more than our moment. it is america postulant of renewable -- of renewal, purposeless and optimism. we are almost there. one final push will get us there. a lot of short mites and long days and now we are close. the door to a brighter future is there an open and waiting for us. i need your vote and your work. let's start a new. thank you very much. you guys are the best. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> our road to the white house coverage continues through the day. vice-president joe biden and killed by an will hold a campaign rally in an ohio. our live coverage is scheduled to begin in just a few minutes. we will be live in sterling, va. at 2:15 for a mitt romney rally. we will show you president obama speaking at a campaign rally in hollywood, florida. that is light at 3:40 eastern. mitt romney told a campaign rally in pennsylvania. we'll have that life for you at 5:25 eastern today. c-span asked reporters and political analysts what they will be watching for on election night on the state and national
11:16 am
level as we wait for the vice- president, here is what one had to say. >> one of the big things people have been talking about is the influence of all the outside money on the races and an interesting thing is the three senate races where there has been hugest influx of outside money, ohio, florida and virginia, which are also obviously a big presidential battleground, the democratic candidates who are getting the brunt of the outside spending are expected to win in all of those races. virginia is the closest, probably. ohio, some polls show it close there. but an interesting thing will be watching those races and, if all of those democrats went, what does that mean for the outside cash? is there some point at which $20
11:17 am
million, $25 million, you are not making a difference anymore f these candidates are well defined people as they are. it is not having the impact they are thinking in this race. >> out side of the money aspect, are there any other races you think are interesting during this election? >> probably the wisconsin senate race is difficult to call right now. another presidential battleground -- tammy baldwin and tommy thompson have gone back and forth and pulled ahead. today, there is a new poll that shows baldwin up a few points, but it has been a yo-yo race. the money on both sides has been pouring in. the presidential race matters there too. nobody really knows if obama or romney will win in wisconsin. that is why the toughest race is
11:18 am
to call. in montana, senator john tester, the democrat is running against the republican congressman for the state. that is a state mitt romney is expected to win easily, but the senate race has been extremely tight for over a year. it's another one that could go very late on election night. a third race that is looking very difficult to call at this point and should be a good one to watch is nevada. another presidential battleground state. i think at this point, most people think obama has a little bit of an edge there, but the republican has shown some ability to get democratic votes and people think he will run ahead of mitt romney in the state. that is a state where ticket
11:19 am
splitters could make a difference in the senate race and that has been an incredibly close senate race as well. >> is there anything that would surprise you coming out of election night? >> although people thought republicans would gain control of the senate for a very long time in the beginning of this cycle, at this point, i think republicans actually picking up the four seats they need to gain senate control would really surprise me. they have had a few different things working against them. there have been some flawed candidates like todd akin and richard mourdock. those were races that the republicans were expected to win and now mr. looks like a democratic pickup. it looks more likely the
11:20 am
democrats will hold the senate at this point. >> be sure to visit the newly revised c-span campaign 2012 web site. it has the latest events from the campaign trail. you can see what the candidates, political reporters, and other viewers are saying about the presidential race on sites like facebook and water. -- facebook and twitter. you are looking at lakewood high school right outside cleveland. vice-president biden and his wife will speak their shortly. is one of three events the vice- president will be taking part in. will have that rally live when it begins.
11:21 am
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♪ >> as we wait for the rally was vice-president joe biden to start, here is a look at the campaign in the battleground state of ohio. >> we have been highlighting key battleground states over the past week or so on "washington journal as part of a series in the countdown to campaign 2012. today, we're going to wrap up that series by putting the spotlight on ohio. to do that, we're joined by a political reporter with the cleveland plain dealer. here are the numbers on ohio -- it's a state with 18 crucial electoral votes. september unemployment rate of 7% and it is a state president obama won by a little more than
11:23 am
four points in 2008. take us beyond the numbers and explain why ohio has been called the ultimate battleground state. guest: the state doesn't need any more spotlight. the candidates will be in the state 80 more times by the time this is over. the reason they're here is that ohio is that crucial bellwether. it has only been wrong i think twice in the 110 or 112 years in terms of predicting the president. the reason is we have a great balance of republicans, democrats, and independence. about a third of each. in ohio, you don't really have to declare a party. your affiliation is determined by which primary vote you cast and you have some flexibility. the geography ohio winds itself to becoming a great slice of america. you going to the north east on the shores of lake erie, the
11:24 am
south shore of lake erie compared to canada, you will find a lot of the industrial base with places like cleveland and youngstown. as you move south, you will find rural areas. agriculture is the largest export in the state of ohio. if you go to the southeast, you run into the foothills of appalachia, so you have a real flavor their with social conservatives but also very -- people who will swing on economic issues. if you go farther west into the southern part of the state, you run into cincinnati which is very conservative. if you move back up north on the west side, you get toward toledo and you find a mix of world and an industrial area. it is a lot of auto jobs and that is one reason why both candidates have spent a lot of time there. host: we have something here
11:25 am
from the "dayton daily news" that shows we are talking about with the geography and where the votes are located. the solid democratic part of the state is in blue and the solid republican part is in red. >> the central part of ohio, which is columbus, the state capital. that has become the key swing area of the state. is growing and it has younger voters and it is affluent. is an area that the previous busches have one but president obama made a flip and ticket by a couple of percentage points which was key to his victory. you are seeing a lot of attention going there. this weekend, president obama will be finishing topping off his ohio campaigning in central ohio. in the past two cycles, we've seen the democrats coming up east of ohio and make that push.
11:26 am
he is comfortable with the get- out-the-vote efforts here. he has to go down and appeal to what is considered the swing area with more independent voters and you have this educated, affluent group, the base hit around ohio state university, and that has been critical. if you show that map, you will see ohio is broken up into five ohio's. it's a very expensive state because of those five areas and some of the border areas. we have about 70 markets and that makes it very expensive to campaign here. in gubernatorial races and some presidential races, they will go to southern virginia to reach part of the market and that has to be part of the next two. ohio is five ohio's. >> talk to us a little about the issues that will be at play in ohio in this election cycle.
11:27 am
>> it is rare you will find a national issue that plays so well in a specific state. this will be no shock to your viewers, the auto issue has been huge year. i have never seen where one issue in a campaign can play so well here. it is the battle of the bailout. was it good? who wanted to take it into bankruptcy? who got hurt? you are seeing a lot of my new ship being argued and that do want being played out and you see that big swing, which is on the president's side, i saved the auto industry and mitt romney has been trying to play the policies of the president has hurt jobs and would possibly send auto jobs to china and elsewhere. you can see where they are targeted their campaign stops. this place called defiance, ohio in the northwest -- very
11:28 am
heavily auto-related. the new account -- go down to dayton, the have and autoparts maker which has become part of this -- i want to get too far into the weeds that did those autoparts makers lose their pension as a result of the auto bailout? other people got their pension. this is the kind of thing being battled in ohio. host: the "washington post" put that into perspective. there is -- we have the auto issue playing in this campaign. what else tops the list in ohio? >> it is not as big but it has some important in the map of ohio and that is the energy issue, particularly coal.
11:29 am
clean coal, cap and trade, those things play out and that takes us to the foothills of appalachia in the southeast corner of the state. mitt romney has run some very specific commercials down their targeting it, trying to portray president obama @ going to hurt of the coal country -- president obama as going to hurt the coal country. the energy issue has had a little bubble in ohio. perhaps more than some of the other areas because of the coal. we also have the natural gas frackin which is an issue, so people are primed to talk about energy. >> talk to us about the mechanics of voting. early voting allowed in ohio and potential for regional said when that kicks in.
11:30 am
guest: ohio has early voting by two methods. we have a no-fault absentee ballots which means you don't need a reason. you can all go in and order. the campaigns are getting applications by mail and we have in person voting, which has been much more controversial. there have been a lot of battles, obama says campaign sued the secretary of state's office on the grounds of had limited voting for veterans only leading up to the election was creating and on equal playing field. -- unequal voting field. campaigns have spent a lot of
11:31 am
time pushing that. requests are up. it in person balloting is running may be just a tad behind what president obama had or what he hoped to get in 2008 in terms of ballot requests coming from democrats. that is still a pretty strong turnout. the and pursing the balloting is given by the urban democratic vote. > >> you're looking at lakewood high school right outside cleveland. vice-president joe biden and his wife will speak here shortly. is the first of three events he will be taking part in. ♪
11:32 am
♪ >> as a way for the vice
11:33 am
president thomas c-span as political analysts what they will be watching for on election night. here is not one of them had to say. quite the big picture is that republicans will hold the house. snow and things that have a shot to win the house. what do you start watching for? there are a few races in play. you have to watch her race closely. lee is trying to take back that seat. we're going to watch new york and illinois seats. the democrats a chance to eat away at a coupple of those
11:34 am
seats. -- at a couple of seats. he was caught on youtube. i would watch that race and a couple of the other illinois races. he has a tight race. you have to watch this race. two democrats going toward each other. they seem to almost written to throttle this during a debate. >> with anything surprise you out of the election night? >> it would surprise me if democrats to got more than 10 seats.
11:35 am
they need to pick up even more than 25 due to some attrition in redistricting. the internal projections are somewhere around 10. if the democrats more than 10, it is a really big night. the only get single digits, it is a bad night for democrats. john boehner to not go to bed early. if you want to watch for other races, watch that alan west race in south florida. he has become a national figure. he is controversy appearing at the media loves him. -- he is controversial. the media loves him. as always watch michele bachmann. she has a tougher district in the redistricting there.
11:36 am
michele bachmann always manages to survive. the democrats hate her in a ton of money against her. they think they can knocker off into always seems to surprise -- survive. she can still pull millions across the country. she is a headliner. is always good to watch these people. >> you are watching lakewood high school. vice president joe biden and his wife jo will speak here shortly.
11:37 am
♪ ♪
11:38 am
ying "your love keeps lif ting me higher" by jackie wilson] ♪ ♪ ♪
11:39 am
[playing "thte weight"]
11:40 am
>> you are looking at lakewood high school right outside cleveland. vice-president joe biden and his wife jill will speak shortly. it is the first of three events he will be taking part in today. we are told the rally is to begin at any moment. [playing "the weight"]
11:41 am
11:42 am
11:43 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome dr. joe biden and the vice president of the united states joe biden.
11:44 am
>> hello, everyone. it is great to be in ohio. i would like to introduce some of the joe biden family members who are here today. first is our daughter ashley and her husband howard. you have to see if and finnigan my granddaughter. we want to thank you for all you have done for the campaign. even if dole were not on this ticket, i would still be working hard. this is going to make such a difference. it is so great to be here and a
11:45 am
high school. i am a teacher. [applause] i teach english full-time at a community college. that is why i am so grateful that president obama and my husband have moved forward on education. i care about this election. i am a military mom. are there any members of the military here? thank you for your service. our son is a member of the delaware army national guard. he served for a year in iraq. i had the honor of meeting millimany military members and r family. i would look at how much they sacrifice. i want to make sure all of our veterans and their families get
11:46 am
the benefits they have earned and the respect they deserve. finally, i am involved in this campaign as a woman who cares about the direction of this country. i have seen how they vote for our freedoms every single day. the president and the vice- president know how important it is for women to make our own decisions about our own health care. when i think about this tuesday, i know that all of this is on the line. we cannot go back where we have to move forward.
11:47 am
we have the best team on our side. we have iraq. we have to go. we have michele. -- barack. we have joe. we have michele. most importantly, we have you. i would like to introduce a man who has moved us for word from my husband and your vice president of joe biden. >> i am joe biden. i am jealous husbands. husbands. i am delighted to be here.
11:48 am
mr. mayor, thank you for the passport and your city. jill does teach full-time as well as the second lady. the worst thing you can do to a principle or a teacher is to say there is an offense at school on sunday. -- an event at school on sunday. thank you for making this gymnasium available. i love sherrod brown. that is the guy i love and. . how about jason mraz? i know why you guys are here. since you arrived on time even though last night was the end of daylight savings time, i assume to figure it out.
11:49 am
this is mitt romney's time of the year got his favorite day. he officially get to turn back the clock. that is what he does. he does it officially. he tries to do it every other way but this time he actually gets to turn back the clock. over the last week or so since hurricane sandy incentive affected parts of cleveland as well, i went to a church this morning. hed they told us the pastor th talked about the damage done. i tell you what. one of the things from the day before the storm hit, the president i would get on the line with a conference call with all the governors in the affected states, from my state
11:50 am
of delaware, and with the mayors as well. with all of our team, the secretary of defense. the femal director, and the entire team. my mom used to say out of everything bad something good will happen. what i took away from this last week was the incredible amount of cooperation just between democrats and republicans. my governor is a democrat. he is on the line and he is talking to governor chris christie. he is saying we got hit in delaware. you got hit worse than we did. we will send you some of our cherry pickers to put up the electricity. that was the nature of the conversation. i was proud. i was elected without is a 29
11:51 am
year old kid. that is how it used to be. we used to always work together. that is the way it used to work. i have a great relationship with my republican colleagues. there are a lot of good republicans up there who are prepared to make principal compromise, not ideologues. i look back and see the guys who have worked with all my life and the women, olympia snowe, colin powell, alan simpson. it used to work. when this election is over we have to get back to doing it again. we have to move together. it is not just that we have additional balance, we have such a gigantic opportunities as a nation. we are so well-positioned relative to the rest of the world. we have made real progress.
11:52 am
i had never met to guys who are more negative about the country's and the guys we are running against. wheat traded 5.4 million private-sector jobs and they say we are in decline. they said we are in decline. housing is up. larger than any time since 2008. we are in decline. 500,000are up 407%, manufacturing jobs. 3 million working kids in college because of pell grants. no matter what those ads say, we did rescue the automobile industry. we saved 1 million jobs. we expanded benefits for medicare. we ended the war in iraq. we will end the war in
11:53 am
afghanistan. we agreed to 1 million new manufacturing jobs. jobs exist snell. the talent is not there now. recruit 100,000 math and science teacher so we remain the best in the world and education. we are going to cut our oil imports than half the produce more homegrown energy. we have an abundance of natural gas in this state. the guys getting from this high school will hear the word in sourcing as much as my kids a generation heard the word "outsourcing." it is going to change. we're going to give tax breaks
11:54 am
to companies that come home, not those that go abroad. look. we will remain the leading economy in the 21st century. we are have the most powerful military force in the world. it is not enough just to leave by the power of our example but, but the power of our example. we are once again respected throughout the world. we're the most admired nation in the world. so much opportunity. all it takes is some principled compromise to replace stubborn ideology. the american people have an opportunity to choose on tuesday which direction literally they want the country to move in. the differences are stark. i apologize.
11:55 am
if you saw the debate, we have for debate. i had well with the congressman. we did i had one with the congressman. -- i had one with the congressman. [cheers and applause] if you listen to those debates, especially the last several you begin to wonder whether or not there are stark differences. governor romney and congressman ryan seemed to be running away stood for thehey last decade. they cannot run away from their shadow until the sun goes down. it is going down tuesday. did you guys see that last debate on foreign policy?
11:56 am
i did not know whether governor romney was going to endorse barack or debate him. i did know which it was. he was flying on that debate on the wings of the snow white dove. i heard you say things i've never heard him say before. he went from saying when we ended the war in iraq it was a tragic mistake. we should have bought 30,000 combat troops there. it sounds like he never supported the war in the first place. he sounds like barack obama. he went from parsley criticizing us for saying the united states would turn over full united states by the ended 2014. do you member my debate with ryan that he said that was a mistake. we should keep troops in the east. when you listen to romney, he went from think it was a bad idea to set a timetable to
11:57 am
saying good idea. weatherbug asked if you will commit the you'll in the war by the ended 2014, they use their favorite phrase "it depends." with these guys everything depends. it always depends. it is never safe. never. my grandfather used to say be aware of the converted. on foreign-policy, they are running away as fast as they can from their record of what they will do. on women's issues, as hard as they try, they cannot bring
11:58 am
themselves to climb into the 21st century. it is just too hard for them. they are stuck somewhere between 1955 and 1965. you know the expression sometimes silence is deafening? the refusal of the governor to take issue and walk away from richard murdock, the candidates in indiana. it says as much about mitt romney and his refusal to speak up as it says about him. i want to make it real clear to you. remember in the debate when governor romney was asked a question. do you believe women are entitled to equal pay for equal work? he started talking about binders.
11:59 am
it was amazing. there are qualified women he found in his binders. it is amazing. he had a whole binder full qualified women. as you point out, he never did answer that question. he never did answer it. when they went back after the debate, one of his chief advisers when asked did the governor supports the lily ledbetter act, he said no. he voted against the act. ladies and gentlemen, i can gonfalon and talk more about this. i want to make something real clear about where barack obama and i come with women pyridium my granddaughter. she is one of four granddaughters. yet my only daughter. -- barack obama and i, you that
12:00 pm
my granddaughter. she's one my four granddaughters. she's friends with salsa and melia -- sasha and malie. a. as a we're going to mass and she said i cannot go. is that i can do it. and she said i have to meet barack. so we have passed a law practice. -- she said we have back some basketball practice. this goes to the heart and then hits. barack obama and i believe as to our spouses that my doctor and his daughters, my granddaughters are entitled to every single opportunity my son is entitled
12:01 pm
to. every single opportunity. there is no exception. none. that is the fundamental difference between mitt romney and the president and i. the one issue that has not been discussed much as it should be in this campaign that will have more impact on the life of our daugthehters is to make up the purssupreme court appeared the next president will appoint one to possibly three new justices. just imagine the 40 years of progress we have fought to make for women in america. ask yourself, what are the
12:02 pm
prospects for a in a mitt romney appointed court? there is lots at stake in this election. it is not just that they run away from their positions now that they know they are not popular. they're trying to backpedal. there are two things that have really change the surprise me. i was elected to senate when i was a kid. i served with eight presidents. i have never seen a race like this. here is the deal. take a look x what this new republican party is all about. this is not your father's republican party. here is the deal. this is not even mitt romney's father's republican party. they built this party on to new building blocks.
12:03 pm
-- two new building blocks. the only way to do this is to get tax cuts to people making a minimum of $1 million a year. that is what they propose. here is the deal. they talked a lot about the $5 trillion tax plan. when asked what about your five trillion dollar tax plan, every study shows it'll raise taxes for middle class with children by $2,000 a year. he said i do not have a $5 trillion tax plan. my tax plan does not cost anything. seriously. that is what he said. remember when i went in with a
12:04 pm
debate with my colleague i said can you name me one loophole that you'll cut for the wealthy that will allow you to pay for this tax cut. he cannot name one. mr. romney did not name one. they walked with publicly from the fundamental of the foundational principles on which this new party is built. there's a second piece of the new party. it is why was the congressmen picked. he was picked because he is the author of the ryan budget. the ryan budget is the new way to advertise. he advertised at the intellectual new right about how we're going to get spending under control. we do not have to wonder what his budget does. it has already passed the house. it has already passed the house of representatives. when it passed it is a black and
12:05 pm
white. the new york times referred to it as the most extreme budget plan passed by house of congress in modern times. you have newt gingrich arguing in the last campaign that his right-wing social engineering. it decimates programs that affect the middle class. it cut pell grants. it eliminates college tuition tax credits. it turns medicare into a voucher system you can buy back into medicare if you have enough money. all this will cost future recipients hundred up tens of thousands of dollars. now they say that is not the budget we support. it already has been passed. when it passed, mitt romney
12:06 pm
called it a "marvelous document" and said he would have signed if he were president. these guys are trying to play con game. they're trying to say that two things that really created this new republican party they no longer subscribe to. when in fact it exactly is today are here these guys are shameless. they are not bad men. why do they do it? it is all done in the service of being able to accommodate these massive tax cuts. otherwise if they did not turn medicare into a voucher program, if they did not cut $500 million a year out of education.
12:07 pm
all i have to remind you do not be fooled by the fact they're trying to run away from it now. they have a record. we have seen this before. we know how it ends. it ended in 9 million people being unemployed. it ended in $16 trillion of loss for all of you in your equity in your homes. be made on your mortgage payments but found out because a nt under youys whee do not have the equity you thought you had. you watch your 401k and your pension plan get clobbered. this is all about making sure we do not go back. the amazing thing is now in addition to running away from what they have stood for, everything they have stood for, now romney is running two at
12:08 pm
that are the most outrageous i have seen. it takes a lot of brass for them to run. they are both being run in your state. the first one is how he's going to get tough on china. romney tough on china and? this is the salmon the washington post called the pioneer in outsourcing -- same man the washington post, the pioneer in outsourcing appeared limited action against china this stage it thousand jobs. romney said we were protectionists. this is a man who has part of his fortune iinvested in chinese outsource company. he is calling for a new tax that says if you're going to build a new factory, find the country
12:09 pm
that has the single low as corporate tax rate in the world, the lowest wages, and build it there and you never have to pay a penny in taxes any bring that money back home. it will create 800,000 new jobs. all of them are overseas. that giant sucking sound will continue. why would you build a plant in hi leo or delaware when you could go someplace and build the same plant at lower wages and played virtually no taxes? i have one word for romney. malarkey. it is pure malarkey. the other ads are running here, it is pernicious. that ad you have seen that says president clinton bankrupt chrysler so that italians could
12:10 pm
buy it to ship jobs overseas to china. jeep jobs. i do not know of anybody of you guys know that people have got up on their feet because they have gotten back to reclaim their dignity. this is cynical what they're doing now. their number of people that called in and that is my job going debt it has before. it is scaring the living devil out of our people. this is absolutely palace. it preys on the fears of the american people who would knock down hard and are now back up. have you ever seen a time when
12:11 pm
two major corporations would publicly in the last week of a campaign say that the republican candidates was lying? this is unusual. i think the denver post editorial put it the best. "be on the ads veracity is a question of character." it goes on to state "in places in ohio where one in eight jobs are on the line, such a lie matters. it makes them wary that better economic times are just beginning to see dissolved in front of their eyes." "it bespeaks an indifference to the concerns of ohio's working- class. that is just as revealing as backing an ad that leaves a wholly untruthful impression." my mommy say character is not
12:12 pm
determined by what you're doing. it is determined by what you do when you think no one is looking. let met ronnie thought no one was looking, and he said 47% of the american people were not willing to take responsibility for themselves. who does he think he is? not where i come from. not here in lakewood. not in cleveland. those people have been the backbone of this country. let me tell you who they are. there are people working and making a salary. they are paying their property
12:13 pm
taxes. they're paying an effective tax rate higher than romney pays. they are made up of seniors on social security who have earned their social security. they are made up of the 68,000 warriors that we have at this moment and afghanistan. if they're risking their lives but are paying no tax on their salary nor should they. no wonder these guys can run an ad preying on the fears of hard- working people. presidential elections are about character. in one office for which it is the minimum entry fee as president. every election the man are
12:14 pm
woman who seems to have the most character is to the american people turn to. it is clear view has it in new does not. barack obama has character. he does not engage in discussion. he says what he means. he means what he says. he does what he says he is going to do. that cannot be said of governor romney. ladies and gentleman, the american people are asking themselves with 48 hours to go "to can i trust? he will stand up for me? he will help the middle class?" in the last hour romney and ryan
12:15 pm
have become desperate. romney well stay anything to win. he would do anything the matter how much confusion team must use to do so. it is not the president's job to selow confusion. i've spent a lot of time -- chanting "four more years"} >> why would these guys be having the policies they have? the shamelessness of them is they're running away from what
12:16 pm
they believe. that is the shameless part. why do they believe what they believe? i really mean this. they are like a lot of people you probably know and you maybe have worked for. everything has to be run from the top down. they think this is what has to be done in order to be able to be ready for this country. this is not a joke. maybe it is because of where we came from. we have absolute confidence in the american people. absolute confidence in the determination of the american people. it i do not know anybody that i grew up with that is not
12:17 pm
willing and trying to take responsibility for themselves. how many people you know this morning with all the problems they may have got up and put 1 foot in front of the other, went out and try to do their best, asking for nothing from anybody? we are absolutely determined to level the playing field, to give the working class a fighting chance. my dad used to say i do not expect the government to solve my problems. all i expect them to do is understand my problem. it just understand my problem. these guys do not understand. they are totally out of touch with the american people. they do not understand that the journey of this great country can be summarized in one word "forward." it is always forward.
12:18 pm
there is no quite in america. i have news. it has never been a good bet to bet against the american people. we need you, ohio. if we win all-a we win this election. they got protect our troops. [playing " we take care of our
12:19 pm
home"by bruce springsteen] >> of four principles and the state of ohio is as they call it all about ohio in the battleground state. but in 48 hours before the polls close -- open in much of the country. we want to hear from me. you can also join us on twitter #cspan2012. we continue to look like at the scene from lakewood, ohio. join us from cleveland is it politics writer for the toledo blade. let's begin focusing on the democrats.
12:20 pm
what is the ground game like today and tomorrow for the democrats? >> they have 145 field offices. they have really saturated the state with staffers. they have been working hard and getting huge numbers out in terms of registry voters and getting them to the polls. i would say the ground game is in full swing. >> can you give us a sense of the early boativoting and what e can expect on tuesday when they go to the polls? >> the total early vote in 2008 in ohio was about 33%. the early vote this year so far is at about 31% of the total
12:21 pm
vote. they are projecting that the early vote will be at least as strong as it was four years ago. the early vote was a big part of the democratic ground game. the democrats were a lot more progressive and sophisticated in getting voters out early. i think the republicans have learned a little bit about how it is done this year. >> let's talk about the schedule. the vice president is live in lakewood, ohio. he is in cincinnati ohio. paul ryan is in mansfield, ohio. you are in cleveland where mitt romney will be later today.
12:22 pm
guest: this is an exhibition hall. it is a truly gigantic building that they tell me made b-29 bombers in world war ii. there is a very large space that they set aside. they did not really want to give me a number. i can easily imagine 5000 people if not three times that number. the romney campaign is really trying to show that it can draw a huge crowd. host: tom troy is someone who covers politics are the last two months. virtually every major candidates has been in the state at least every day or every other day up over the last few weeks. guest: we fill deducted if there's not a presidential candidate here on any given day. mitt romney was not here in ohio
12:23 pm
yesterday. gap.eems like a ca they have been on a weekly basis for a couple of months. we have been seeing a lot of the vice presidentials. we saw both michelle obama and ohio had to events. joe biden had her first and only solo campaign event yesterday in ohio. we are seeing a lot of the presidential candidates. we're going wherever they are. host: tom tory was joining us from cleveland. meanwhile we are live in lakewood, ohio. thank you for being with us. guest: my pleasure. host: next is carolyn, democrat's line. good afternoon. caller: i am just calling to say
12:24 pm
that i am very pleased with my president. he has done all he can to work with the republicans. they will not work with him. i am from a small town. it is evident how vindictive they are. the way they did president obama, and they have not done anything. they said religion was off the table. what i have read about organism, i do not want nobody that doesn't serve god. host: republican line. caller: i am just disgusted to listen to all these lies. i just listen to biden. i would like to know -- i like
12:25 pm
the americans to know if obama is president again we're going to end up like russia. there are thousands of family in cincinnati that have led from socialism. if we have obama as president socialism will be in the united states. host: less of a map to get a sense of where the candidates have been. -- let's look at a map to get a sense of where the candidates have been. all the candidates have been crisscrossing ohio. the other battleground states colorado, iowa, and now wisconsin. minnesota is in play. a romney in pennsylvania. the states of getting the most attention since the party conventions. they have been traveling to a total of 10 states. later this afternoon we will
12:26 pm
have live coverage of bombing donald. he will be joined by two of the romney sons. they are in virginia. good afternoon. caller: hello. i voted for obama because i am highly impressed with his leadership and the leadership he has shown throughout his administration. i am also impressed with his vice-president mr. joe biden. they work together as a team. we need to finish what we started. i also enjoyed listening to mr. biden's comment today about mitt romney. he said mitt romney has been sowing seeds of confusion but the president is sowing seeds of confidence. that is so true.
12:27 pm
the last thing i would like to say is that i agree with the last lady mentioned something about mitt romney being a mormon. as a christian, i hope more people support barack obama. he is a christian man. we should not be supporting a mormonism. host: vice-president joe biden on c-span telling it like it is. is #cspan2012.tag caller: i think romney should be president. obama had enough time. ito'he chose to do this to helpe election. the american public is not even. most democrats are living in a
12:28 pm
mythological world. most of them are following the democratic party because of what they did in the 1960's. to the federal government could could not play that program. they're following it. they did not have proper control. it got out of hand. if they would have put in place proper guidance, every time they tried to get under control. everybody gets confused. they cannot control it. host: us look at our schedule this after name -- this afternoon. a full day of politics. the president travels to hollywood, fla. for a mid- afternoon rally. he will be joined by debbie wasserman shall. that gets under way at 3:40 p.m.
12:29 pm
eastern. a lot of attention on pennsylvania. mitt romney will be traveling to the philadelphia area for a campaign appearance. live coverage at 5:25 p.m. eastern here on c-span. next is felix from california. caller: good morning. i mean democratic voter. -- i am an independent voter. what i heard from joe biden today is the fact that the problem we have always had is that the problems were caused by a republican. mitt romney --
12:30 pm
host: thanks for the call. good afternoon caroline. caller: i am proud to be what i am. host: go ahead with your thoughts on this election. caller: my thought right now is joe biden and obama, get it to them. you are the best. you are the best. i will remain that way. if mitt romney gets in there, we will sink to the bottom. each and everyone of us. that is what i think of him. >> republican line, cheryl, clinton, michigan. go ahead. >> we have already sunk to the bottom. we are $16 trillion in debt. our children have no future whatsoever. they have taken $60 billion out of the medicare plan for the elderly. go to the doctor right now and
12:31 pm
see if you are not refused if you have medicare, because truly you are. this is a disgrace, how these people can be so cool by the obama administration is just beyond me. wake up, america. host: thank you. from "the new york times," these are mitt romney supporters in the cincinnati area. the ground game is the focus of the story as they try to "grind it out" to get supporters to the polls. this is all about the ground game and getting their people to the polls. then there is this headline, from the cleveland plain dealer -- it is all about ohio. reid, manassas, virginia. good afternoon. caller: i am not an israeli, i am an independent. i would like to vote for barack obama. why?
12:32 pm
mitt romney is a liar. he changes his story every time. he thinks we are stupid. >> thank you for the call. if you do get through, we ask that you turned down the volume on the set. we will be able to hear you much better. david? caller: how are you doing, sir? i think it is asinine that the mitt romney republican supporters are not able to realize that this guy is selling fairy tales and fantasies. he made this comment about comments -- what was it about the jeeps being shipped? whatever? the jobs for the jeeps? chrysler came out and said that it was not true. these were his supporters living in a fantasy world. >> thank you for the call.
12:33 pm
our live coverage gets underway at 8:00 eastern time, tuesday night, with a simulcast of politico. during the evening we will show you the victory and concession speeches, house, senate, and the governor's races. our coverage will continue well into wednesday morning. this weekend we have been checking in with key people to ask them what to look for and what to expect on election night. among them, reid wilson, executive editor of "hot line." >> virginia is a fairly contested battleground state. at the moment, polls show a relatively tight race. they are good at counting votes in virginia. we also have a pretty good senate race there. if we know that virginia is swinging dramatically one way or the other sometime early in the
12:34 pm
night, we will have a pretty good idea of what the rest of the night is going to look like. keep an eye on virginia, that is an early bellwether, canary in the coal mine for the rest of the night. in a macro sense, what i am looking at is what we will see on november 6, the first normal datapoint we have seen in eight years. the 2006 and 2008 cycles were democratic waves. we have not seen what a normal electric looks like since george w. bush was running for reelection in 2004. we will watch how many non-white voters turnout. is this march towards a diverse electorate going to be a long- term change? the youth vote, did president obama reached a peak of how many younger voters show up on election night itself back in 2008? when 18% of the electorate was
12:35 pm
in that young demographic? or are we going to see that backslide this time around? finally, we are looking at the white voters and their relationship with the democratic party. historically speaking we have seen white, working-class voters backing away from the democratic party over the last 30 years as the country becomes more diverse. those three things, we should watch. >> anything that is surprising? >> a couple of good races where really strong candidates look like they're going to come up short on election night. in the arizona senate, richard is one of the better candidates we have seen in the last several cycles. strong democratic candidates with -- in states that tilt towards republicans. the difference between them winning and losing is the
12:36 pm
difference between a reasonable might for senate democrats in which their situation is largely a wash and a really good night where they could wind up picking up seats by the end of the night. >> reid wilson is the executive editor of "the hot line." we are putting more of these links on more of your phone calls before the election on tuesday. agusta, mississippi, republican line, good afternoon. caller: i want to ask the american public, did they forget that under the obama administration we lost the aaa rating? the aaa rating is what causes the interest rates to go up on student loans and every loan in the country, regardless of talking about china. this president has been an abomination and i think he should be impeached over the benghazi situation.
12:37 pm
host: robert, next, independent line. caller: it is a sad situation, that if money talks, the republican party and mitt romney will win the election. but when you look at the substance, you are seeing so many advertisements where all they do is degrade the opponent. the mitt romney think tank in washington already proved that he cannot create 12 million jobs in four years. he has switched gears so many times, it is hard to know what he stands for. the worst part is that obama became president in 2008. he did not inherit a situation like george bush jr. did in the year 2000, when we had the biggest surplus in history with full employment. we were involved in two lousy wars. no one brings up the cost of
12:38 pm
those wars and what it has done to our economy. host: thank you for the call. the president, crisscrossing the country. all four principles in ohio today. headed to hollywood, florida, here is the schedule. at 2:15 eastern time, we'll live with bob mcdonald, who was on the short list of potential vice-presidential running mates, bened by tag adgg and romney. later you can watch the president in hollywood, florida. that is scheduled to get ready just outside of philadelphia at 5:45 eastern time. more headlines from "that the pittsburgh tribune review," showing the race according to their survey estate in the heat. let's go to caroline, joining us
12:39 pm
from south carolina. caller: i have been independent, kind of. i do give obama credit for what he has done and what he has been. i want to say how libya to the lady who said go, joe biden, -- holly louis f. -- holly louis f. -- halleighlujah to the lady who said go, joe biden, ago. i think that mitt romney, like a set flopping. they cannot and to come out and answer questions in a direct, truthful way. i feel like obama has done a good job and i am with the lady who said go, joe biden, ago.
12:40 pm
the abomination over time, it is improving. >> tomorrow morning we will take a look at what a second obama term and what will look like, how the president would govern a divided congress and what a man from the white house would look like as well. carias joining us from los angeles, republican line. caller: i believe the model of the republicans, regarding the passage of this new bill from it romney, as our population is aging, it will affect them tremendously. for republicans to say let's
12:41 pm
vote this guy in without doing the necessary background checks, that is absurd. we are not doing our united states of america and the justice by not doing a research. host: thank you for the call. you can join the conversation on our twitter page. the hash tag is c-span2012. share your thoughts with us on this weekend before the election. mike is on the phone from vermont. independent line. go ahead. caller: i wanted to remind everyone that president obama has created 5.5 million private- sector jobs over the last 2.25 years. bush, the last republican governor that claimed business
12:42 pm
experience created a total of 1.0 8 billion jobs, an average of only 135,000 per year. governor romney, the governor of massachusetts who claimed he could work with the democratic legislature, he had over 800 vetos during those four years. >> thank you for the call. we will begin with a simulcast of "politico" on election night, and we will continue with your calls and comments during the rest of the evening. we will have the results on the president's election, house and senate races, and victory and concession speeches from most closely watched senate races across the country, saying with them until the early morning hours on wednesday. live, all they coverage of the aftermath of the election as we
12:43 pm
hear from key players, including the speaker of the house, democratic and republican leaders as they hold various news conferences here in washington. the next call, glen allen, va.. go ahead. caller: i just wanted to say -- we need to go by achievements and accomplishments in this election. we have a president who is seemingly incompetent, skating around the death of four americans in the height of the campaign. someone who i helped to put into office a few years ago that i refuse to vote for, i have changed to the republican party to vote this time. i thought, when i read registered, i would register as a republican, because i am for
12:44 pm
mitt romney. host: in your part of virginia, what are you seeing? what has been happening? caller: i live in a fairly exclusive area and do not see anyone for obama and his camp around here. i am right on the western end of richmond, va., which is a somewhat exclusive area, one of the best school districts in the nation. rated 16th by u.s. news and world report in april, which is why i moved here. i am retired, i moved here to have my daughter got to the best school in the area. by said, i have not seen a whole lot of politicizing going on in the area.
12:45 pm
by either camp, really. i have seen some mitt romney campaigns -- halloween night i saw quite a few. boat for mitt romney and paul ryan, the consensus among its friends and neighbors and those who are struggling is that four more years of a failed administration is will reconsider. >> our last call is from massachusetts. nicholas? >> i want to let everyone know that i am an independent voter and i have made up my mind, i am going to vote for president barack obama.
12:46 pm
i was watching this whole series for the longest time now. i am concerned, if mitt romney goes there, the united states needs to realize that we want to go forward, not backwards. >> thank you for the call, from massachusetts. live coverage of governor bob macdonald. mitt romney in pennsylvania, late afternoon. we can see it all here on c-span television.
12:47 pm
last night, prince william county, one of the suburbs that is key to the obama and romney campaigns in virginia, the race for those delegates, campaigning with former president bill clinton, we carry it live here. here's a president. ♪ >> thank you. thank you. hello.
12:48 pm
hello. [applause] i am glad to be back in virginia, i want to thank congressman, lay, asking you to make sure that tim kane wins this election on tuesday. it was great to hear the dave matthews band again. as you can see, i have given my voice in the service of my president. [applause] but i have the honor of introducing the president tonight and setting up his speech. i want to tell you that four years ago, when he ran, both hillary and i worked very hard.
12:49 pm
we did over 100 appearances. but i am much more enthusiastic about barack obama tonight that i was four years ago. [cheers and applause] there are five simple reasons. first of all, in at time torn by idealogical warfare and partisanship, he has the right philosophy. the president knows that we are all in this together. that works to the other than "you are on your own." he knows that an economy that builds the middle class and gives poor people an honorable
12:50 pm
way to work into it is a lot better than four more years of trickle-down. we have been there. he knows that a budget based on arithmetic is better than one based on illusion. he knows that practical cooperation is better than all of the constant ideological conflict. we saw it, did we not? we saw in the way the president got off the campaign trail and responded. all over america, people were thrilled to see him working with the republican governor of new jersey. the mayor of new york city who is an independent endorsed president obama. the democratic governors of new
12:51 pm
york and connecticut, to turn the electricity on and clean the debris. what i want to tell you is, cooperation works better when there is no disaster. if he did not have cooperation, you have the makings of a disaster. barack obama is a curve and coal operator. [cheers and applause] he even offered in an attempt to get a budget deal, at $1 trillion in spending cuts. they said, thank you very much. no deal. we will not see one penny raised on the wealthiest americans even if it will get rid of $4 trillion in debt. the door is still open. when you re-elect him, they will walk through that door.
12:52 pm
[cheers and applause] the second reason i am for president obama is he has done a good job with a bad hand. keep in mind, all through 2007 and 2008, then senator obama crossed america with senator clinton and senator joe biden and other good democrats talking about how bad the economy already was. median family income was lower than that was the day i left office. poverty was up.
12:53 pm
all of these things were true before the crash. because of the policy he now advocates. then came the crash six weeks before the election. he took office when the economy was losing 100,000 jobs a month now, the economy lost jobs for about 15 months. when it started again, when president obama's jobs programs started kicking in in the three months, we have had 5.8 million jobs as of yesterday. when somebody criticizes an office holder, you have a right to ask them, compared to what? let's look at the most recent comparisons. if you do not count the losses in the crash of president bush and look at the seven years after the brief slowdown we have
12:54 pm
had when the dot com stocks crashed a bit. just the seven-year period. there were 2.6 million private- sector jobs twice as many jobs, 5.8 million. barack obama has done a good job. [cheers and applause] the third reason i am for him is he has fulfilled his responsibility to be a good commander in chief.
12:55 pm
[applause] he has advanced the nation's security by ending the war in iraq, by fighting terror, modernizing the military. making the world with more friends and fewer adversaries. [cheers and applause] he has a heck of the secretary of state. [cheers and applause] most important of all to me, he has shown a consistent unbreakable commitment to take care of the men and women in uniform when they come home. [cheers and applause] for all of these reasons, he was endorsed by a self-described modern republican and one of the most distinguished military leaders since world war ii, colin powell.
12:56 pm
he also pointed out his opponents are the same neocons that took us into war in iraq on bad intelligence. barack obama is your choice for commander in chief. the fourth reason i am for him can be described in a phrase once used by the second president bush. he said something i really agree with. he often got made fun of, but it is true. he said the president is the decider in chief. let's look at how the deciders stack up. barack obama decided to sign the ledbetter fair pay out.
12:57 pm
that is not just a woman's issue. anybody who, like to me, was a kid in a family where both the mother and father worked knows every father wants his wife to be paid an equal amount for equal work so they can raise a kid. [applause] this law has been on the books for a couple of years now. when the mitt romney was asked, well -- he was asked, would you sign the bill? what i mean, he will have harder decisions than this. [cheers and applause] there is an answer to this question.
12:58 pm
and answer yes or no. when you are the decider in chief you cannot just shuffle along. barack obama decided that america could not afford to let the automobile industry die. he saved it. [cheers and applause] mitt romney opposed what he did. he could be hired as a chief contortionist. he was against it. it was not just general motors
12:59 pm
and chrysler. there is a reason all the german and japanese companies that make companies were for the it is another example of, we are all in this together. barack obama made the right decision. his opponent was wrong. in an unbelievable attempt to distract the voters of ohio where one in 80 jobs depend on the car business, he accused the president of allowing the jeep to move the jobs to china.
1:00 pm
i remember how hard it was for us to get it there. i know that they are expanding the plant, hiring more people and taking on more production. [cheers and applause] first, jeep said it was not so. they said, even general motors rebuked him. when i was a kid and i got my hand caught in a cookie jar, my face turned red. i took my hand out of the cookie jar, not gov. romney. he is looking for more cookies.
1:01 pm
when general motors and chrysler jeep all said this is bull, he then said because fiat owns with a controlling interest in china, he said they moved it to china. he is now going after the italians. it is the irish is next i am told. after every single reputable authority said this is a false charge, he put it on television and doubled down and cut more
1:02 pm
money behind it. he believes a middle-class people are so scared about their jobs and so uninformed of it will buy any line that they see on television. i think they and you are smarter. i think barack obama will be elected president. [cheers and applause] i am for president obama because his plans for the future are better. i would just give you a brief outline. he wants us to invest even more in the first jobs of the 21st century. clean energy and manufacturing
1:03 pm
and modern agriculture. he was to educate and empower people to do those jobs. he wants to help employers give back into the mix by going to community colleges and getting skills that will give them good jobs. he has revolutionized the student loan law. from now on beginning next year every person in america who has a college loan will first of all, get it at a lower cost and have the right to pay the loan back as they fixed percent of their income for 20 years. we have fallen to 15th or so in
1:04 pm
the percentage of people were of four year college degrees. this means nobody ever has to drop out of college again ever because of the loans. [cheers and applause] one of the reasons middle-class people could not get a pay raise is because health-care costs went up so much. has not only allowed 3 million young people to be on their policies for some time, it has not only met a possibly beginning next year for 30 million americans -- money with pre-existing conditions to be insured, not on the has amended a legal for women to be charged more than men for health-care, for the last two years to have had the lowest inflation in health-care costs in 50 years.
1:05 pm
if this keeps going, the ideologues it or lose every argument they have to privatize social security. barack obama has done it the right away. he has a budget based on arithmetic. he only asks people like me -- he asks us to pay a little more so we can balance the budget and get rid of the debt and announced the future. now, how does that compare to gov. romney's plan. they told us the debt was the biggest problem in the world. they forgot to tell us we never have permanent debt in peace
1:06 pm
time until they convinced everybody government -- there was no such thing as a bad a tax cut. they tripled and quadrupled the debt before i took office. then i gave the four years of declining deficits and four years of surpluses. they got back in and they got into debt again. this should explain something to you. obama's plan brings the debt down and is based on our arithmetic. what is romney's plan? another big tax cuts for upper income people. and gives the highest income people 60% of the tax cuts.
1:07 pm
and then to cut education and investment in areas that will create jobs, cut them a lot. repeal the student loan law making it more expensive and harder to repay. keeping us down there in rankings of college graduates. do not produce a budget. you want to spend 2.4 trillion dollars more. you want to cut taxes more than he wants to cut taxes. you have only identified $1 trillion of tax deductions on companies he want to repeal. that is president obama's ideal. that leaves $6.50 trillion. how will you fill the hole?
1:08 pm
you wanted to reduce the long- term debt. how will the do that? see me about that after the election. he has no budget. i want to vote for the president who has a budget, who has a plan that will produce prosperity. i wanted to vote for the president who has been a good commander in chief. somebody who has brought to america on the other side it. lastly, just to remember this, governor mitt romney has promised us 12 million jobs. he said, by just electing me, people will be so elated that you are going to get 12 million jobs. it was just an oversight as the president has told us, america is in a huge public health -- it is spreading a condition known as romnesia.
1:09 pm
days before he promised you the twelve million jobs, a distinguished independent business forecaster says we are trying to get 12 million jobs ion the next four year if we do not mess up what obama has already done. [cheers and applause] it is my great honor to introduce to you the commander in chief, the man who brought you back and will take you
1:10 pm
forward -- barack obama. [cheers and applause] >> hello, virginia. are you fired up?
1:11 pm
are you ready to go? you have to be fired up for bill clinton. he has been traveling all across the country for this campaign. he has been laying out the states so well that our team basically calls him the secretary of explaining stuff. the only clinton working harder
1:12 pm
than him as our secretary of state, hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] i am so grateful for both of them. the only problem is, i was enjoying listening to president clinton so much, i had to run up to get my cue. i was sitting there soaking it all in. he has been a great president and a great friend. i want everyone to give president bill clinton a great round of applause. speaking of the outstanding public servants, your next senator, your next governor, tim kaine is in the house. i want everybody to thank dave mathews for the outstanding performance.
1:13 pm
now -- i love you back. for the next several days, all of us have been focused on the devastation taking place on the east coast. virginia was hit, but was spared the worst brunt of the storm. i have been in new jersey. we have been on the phone with people from connecticut and new york. as a nation, we mourn those who have been lost. our hearts and prayers go to the families that have been going through unbearable pain. so many people have been impacted. it will be a long, hard road to recovery. every time i have spoken to
1:14 pm
people in region, i have told them america will be with them every step of the way. america will be there on this hard road ahead. we will help them rebuild it together. that is what we do. during the course of tragedy, we have been inspired over the last few days by heroes, firefighters, and a national guardsmen and ems people and police officers, running into buildings. neighbors helping neighbors cope with tragedy. leaders of different political party is working to get it to fix what is broken. not according about who is
1:15 pm
getting credit or who is collecting the politics of it. no matter how bad this storm is, we bounceback, no matter how tough times things are. we rise or fall as one nation and one people. [cheers and applause] that spirit has guided this country along the impossible journey for more than two centuries. it is what has carried us through the trials and tribulations of four years. in 2008, we were in the middle of two boards. today our businesses have created 5.8 million the jobs. the american auto industry is back on top. housing construction is coming back. we are less dependent on foreign oil than any time had until the last four years because of the
1:16 pm
sacrifice of men and women in and uniform. the war in afghanistan is coming to a close. osama bin laden as dead. we are safer than we were four years ago. we have made real progress. we are here tonight not only to listen to dave matthews, not only to hear bill clinton break things down for us, we are here because we have more work to do. as long as there is a single american who wants a job and cannot find one, our job is not done. as long as there are families working harder but still cannot -- our work is not done.
1:17 pm
as long as there is a child in virginia who is languishing in poverty and far from opportunity, our work is not done. we have more work to do. [applause] our fight goes on, virginia, because we know the nation cannot succeed without a thriving middle-class. our fight to goes on because america has always done best. everybody has a fair share and is going by the same rules. that is why you elected bill clinton in 1992. that is why you elected me in 2008. that is why i am running again for president. [cheers and applause] now, virginia, in three days you have a choice to make.
1:18 pm
even if we have made it the choice, you have to talk to some people who have not. you have to tell them it is not just a choice between two candidates and the two parties, it is right choice between two visions of america. as americans, we honor the entrepreneurs, the risk takers. we believe the free enterprise system is the greatest source of prosperity we have ever known. we also know in this country, the market works best. more businesses are created, more jobs are created when everybody has a chance to succeed.
1:19 pm
when everybody has a chance to get a good education and learn new skills. when we support research and medical breakthroughs and new technologies because we know we cannot do that on our own. we have to pour resources to discover the future. we know america is stronger when everybody can count on affordable health insurance. when everybody can count on medicare and social security to give them a dignified retirement. we know the market works better when the roles of the road to protect kids from toxic dumping,
1:20 pm
consumers from being taken advantage of from credit card companies or mortgage lenders. we believe there is a role for rules and regulations that are smart. there are some things we should leave to the people that we did not think politicians in washington are smart about controlling -- decisions women are capable of making. now, for 80 years we had a president who shared these believes it. he have just heard him. president clinton's economic plan ask the wealthiest americans to pay a little bit more. the interesting thing is, at the time, the republicans into congress and a certain senate candidate by the name of the mitt romney -- do not boo.
1:21 pm
you have to vote. they said it would kill jobs. sound familiar? it turns out, his math was just as bad back then as it is now. by the end of the second term, president clinton created 23 million jobs. our deficit became the biggest surplus in history. what about their ideas? we tried those, too. after bill clinton left office, for eight years, we tried the giving big tax cuts to the wealthiest americans. we tried to strip away regulations to wall street. companies were free to do what they chose. we got record deficits, the
1:22 pm
slowest job growth than half of a century and an economic crisis we have been cleaning up against ever since. we tried one way, it worked. we tried another way, it did not work. presents another dilemma for mitt romney. gov. romney is a talent salesmen. in this campaign, he has tried as hard as he can to repackage the same ideas. and he has, i think president clinton called it, the brass to call it change. we know what change looks like. and what governor romney is selling ain't it. giving more powers to the biggest banks is not change.
1:23 pm
giving tax cuts to the wealthy is not change. refusing to answer questions about the details of your policies until after the election, that definitely is not change. ruling out compromise by pledging to rubber-stamp the two party folks in congress. that is not change. changing the facts when it is convenient to your campaign, not change. i mean, that's old. that's the attitude in washington that needs to change. now, virginia, after four years as president, you know me. you know me. so when you're trying to sort through this argument about change, part of what you have to ask yourself is, who do you trust?
1:24 pm
when you are talking about the economy and policy that is so critical to our future, you've got to ask yourself, who do you trust? you may not agree with every decision i have made -- michelle does not agree with every decision i have made. there may be times when you are frustrated at the pace of change. i am frustrated sometimes with the pace of change. but you know i mean what i say and i say what i mean. you know what i believe, you know where i stand, when i said we would end the war in iraq, we ended it. when i said we would pass health care reform, we passed it. when i said we would repeal don't ask don't tell, we repealed it.
1:25 pm
you know i tell the truth. and most importantly, you know i will fight for you and your families every single day as hard as i know how. so let me tell you, i know what will change looks like because i fought for it. i have got the scars to prove it and you have, too. we cannot give up on that now. we have got to keep pushing forward. that is why i'm running for a second term. that is why i need your vote. >> four more years! four more years! >> now, virginia, let me describe briefly -- i know folks are cold. let me describe what am i talking about when i talk about
1:26 pm
forward. what do i mean by real change? the change is a country where every american has a shot at a great education. now, government alone cannot do that. parents, students, you have to study. but do not tell me that hiring more teachers without help our economy grow. do not tell me that students cannot afford college should borrow money from their parents. that was not an option for me or bill clinton. i will bet it is not an option for a lot you. the's why i want to cut growth of tuition in half over the next 10 years. that is why i want to recruit
1:27 pm
100,000 math and science teachers so we do not fall behind. that is why i want to train two million americans at community colleges to get the skills businesses are hiring for now. that's real change. that is what we're fighting for in this election. that is what is at stake. i want us to live up to this country's legacy of innovation. i am proud i have been with the american workers and the american auto industry. we are not just building cars again. we are building better cars, cars that by the middle of the next decade will go out twice as far on a gallon of gas. that kind of innovation, that kind of forward-thinking, it is not restricted to the auto industry. i want to bring manufacturing back. we have thousands of workers building long-lasting batteries, building wind turbines across the country. instead of subsidizing oil companies, profits, when they are making money hand over fist, i want to support energy jobs of tomorrow. which will cut our oil imports
1:28 pm
in half and held our environment, our national security. i do not want a tax code that will reward companies for creating jobs overseas. i want to reward companies creating those jobs in virginia. that is the future i see for this country. change is turning the page on a decade of war so we can focus on nation-building at home. we will pursue our enemies with the strongest military the world has ever known. and virginia carries more than its load when it comes to defending this country. and we are grateful to this state. but we also understand to be strong, it is time to use some of the savings from winding down two wars to pay down our debt. fixing roads, putting folks back to work, rebuilding bridges, making sure schools are state of the art. and that is especially important for our veterans. we want to put them to work because if they fought for our work country and defend our freedom, they should not have to fight for a job when they come home. that is what is at stake in this election.
1:29 pm
and president clinton talked about it. we have to reduce our deficit. we have to do it and a balanced way. i cut $1 trillion of spending. once you get in office like dick cheney said, it does not matter. we need to ask the wealthiest americans to go back to the tax rates they pay when president clinton was in office. the reason is that budget is about choices, priorities. as long as i am president, i will not turn medicare into a voucher to pay for another millionaire tax cut. so, virginia, we know what changes. we know what the future requires. we know also that it will not be easy. back in 2008 i talked about
1:30 pm
this. i warned some of the. maybe you were not believing me. i said change, real change is not just about changing presidents or changing parties. it is about changing our policy is. i ran because the voice of the american people, your voice, had been shut out of our democracy by lobbyists and special interests and politicians who are willing to say and do anything to keep things the way they are. the protectors, the guardians of the status quo. and that status quo and washington has fought us every step of the way over the last four years. they spent millions of dollars trying to prevent us from reforming health care, millions of trying to prevent us from reforming wall street. they engineered a strategy of gridlock in congress. bad what day are counting on now is you are going to be so worn down by the squabble and so tired of the dysfunction and so weary of what goes on on capitol
1:31 pm
hill that you are just going to give up and walk away. just put them back in power or let them stay there. in other words, there bet is on cynicism. but my bet is on you. [applause] my bet is on you and the decency, the good sense of the american people, and it is not a partisan that i am making. when the other party has been willing to work with me to help the middle class, i'm right there and i'm happy about it. i would have less gray hair if they are ready to go. come on. we had some republican support and that was great. we asked some courageous republican senators to repeal don't ask, don't tell and we celebrated them.
1:32 pm
our -- i will work with anybody of any party to move this country forward. if you -- you will vote for democrats liked tim kaine and leaders who will put people first and put the election aside for a moment. but we're still going to have some fights. there are some values at stake and some principles we've got to fight for. it is the price of peace in washington that will take students off financial aid or get rid of funding for planned parenthood. or eliminate health care for millions on medicaid where pour, elderly or disabled or kick kids off of head start, i'm not buying that. that is not a price i'm willing to pay. that's not bipartisanship. that is a surrender to the same
1:33 pm
status quo -- status quo that has hurt middle-class families and everyone is struggling to get by. i'm not ready to give up on that fight. i am not ready to give up on that fight and i hope you are not either. the folks at the very top in this country don't need another champion in washington. they will always have seats at the table and will always have access to influence. they will find a way to have their voices heard. people who need a champion are the americans whose letters i read at night. the men and women i meet on the campaign trail every day, the laid-off furniture worker who is having to retrain at the age of 55 for a new career.
1:34 pm
she needs a champion. the restaurant owner who needs a loan to expand but the bank turned him down. he needs a champion. the cooks and the waitstaff and cleaning staff working overtime in some vegas hotel to send their kids to college, they need a champion. the auto worker who got laid off and thought the plant would never reopened and is now back on the job, filled with pride and dignity, not just because he's building a great car but he needs a chance. that teacher who is in an overcrowded classroom digging for school supplies, not always getting the support she needs but knowing that she is touching that one child and something is going to break through.
1:35 pm
she needs a champion. [applause] all those kids in inner cities and small farm towns, and the values of ohio, in these rolling virginia hills, kids dreaming of becoming scientists, doctors, engineers, businessmen or even a president, they need a champion in washington because the future never has lobbyists, but it is the dream of those children that will be are saving grace. that is why i need you, virginia. to make sure their voices are heard. to make sure your voices are heard. we have come too far to turn back now. we have come too far to let our hearts grow faint. now's the time to keep pushing for, trained our workers and
1:36 pm
create new jobs. discover new sources of energy, grow the middle class, restore our democracy and make sure no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter what your last name is or who you love, you can make it in america if you try. [applause] why i'm asking for your vote. i was backstage -- he is sort of a mastermind of campaign organization and we were talking about how as the campaign goes on, we become less relevant. i'm sort of a prop in the campaign.
1:37 pm
just bothering a bunch of folks, calling and asking what is going on. but the power is not with us anymore. the planning, everything we do, it doesn't matter because now it's all up to you. it is up to the volunteers. ons up to somebody knocking a door. it is up to somebody making a phone call. it is up to someone talking to their mom, dad, the wife, their husband, grandma or grandpa. that is how democracy is supposed be. it is up to you. you've got the power. that is why i need you, of virginia. don't get tired. don't get weary. if you want to knock on some doors with me and make some phone calls for me, grabbed some friends for me, turn out the vote for me.
1:38 pm
we will win, virginia. we will win this election. we will finish what we started and move forward. together, we will renew the bonds and reaffirm the spirit that makes that united states of america the greatest nation on earth. god bless you. , plus the united states of america. [applause] -- god bless the united states of america.
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>> president barack obama, last night in virginia. is the final days of the campaign 2012. we brought you a replay of the speech by their romney in colorado. let's look at the schedule for the candidates -- all for spending at least part of the day in battleground state, ohio.
1:58 pm
the president is in hollywood florida for an event this afternoon and we will have coverage at about 3:40 eastern time. then in cincinnati, the president will wrap up the day in aurora, colorado. mitt romney is beginning his day in iowa. he is concluding today in newport news, virginia. vice president joe biden is in ohio -- three stops -- one in lakewood, in lancaster, and congressman paul ryan is in ohio and castle rock, colorado. the headlines -- it's all about ohio. the "denver -- "denver post."
1:59 pm
double down -- obama and romney go on the attack. the gazette in eastern iowa, the move of the voters -- some vote early than some flip a coin. governor romney will conclude his campaign rallies tomorrow in new hampshire. one poll in pennsylvania has a rate tied at 47% for the president and 47% for mitt romney. gov. bob macdonald will be joined by tagg and ben romney. the president will be in hollywood florida with the congress won from southwest florida and the chair of the democratic committee. a late afternoon rally in pennsylvania outside of pennsylvania -- mayor romney willon

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